The Environment

PASTERAL Rural Hotel is located in a wide valley bordering the “Ter” river.

It is close to several water channels and it is surrounded by the ‘Guilleries’ mountains and forests and very close to the other districts of “La Garrotxa” and “El Gironés”. PASTERAL Rural Hotel is only 600 meters from the ‘Xic’ swamp, 7 kms from the “Susqueda” swamp and 14 kms from the “Sau” swamp.

At only 400 meters from the PASTERAL Rural Hotel site, the bike path ‘green routes’ (‘The Carrilet’) connects ‘Girona’ (18 km) and “Olot” (36 Kms). The Carrilet runs through a beautiful landscape of fields, woods and bridges between the rivers ‘Ter’ and “Brugent” and close to prehistoric caves.

Water has historically had a wide influence on the geographical, social and economic characteristics of the region (“La Selva”). The region extends from the “Costa Brava” near the sea to some hundred kilometres inland, bordering with both the “Ter” river and the city of “Girona”. Its many rivers, springs, wetlands, reservoirs and hot springs create a unique landscape, green, lush, refreshing and full of life.

In the area there are many thermal waters centers. A few minutes from the PASTERAL Rural Hotel there is MAGMA (, the largest thermal-leisure center in Europe. Several tows around the region also have spas as hot curative springs were already known in Roman times.

The area has an important cultural heritage. As an example, just to mention that the PASTERAL Rural Hotel’s site was the site of a great battle called the Pasteral. This battle took place on 26 and January 27, 1849 and was the last one amongst Carlists and Isabelists.

Come and find out yourself!